Tom “Captain” Kyrk aka Tom the Truckerman, started driving over the road trucks in 2005.  With an eclectic background including time working in restaurant kitchens studying geology and social work in college. As well as a 9 year stint in retail sales with a national electronics chain.  Tom decided in 2005 it was time to make a major change.  He gained an interest in commercial vehicles during college and decided to make the transition to Big Trucks.  He graduated from Transport Tech in 2005 and proceeded to begins driving for a major over the road refrigerated carrier.

After several years of driving he noticed a small  weight gain and begin to work with Bob Perry a professional trainer focusing on truckers.  Working the plan for a period of time Tom gave up as he did not see the point.  His health was ok and he was not prepared to give up the things he enjoyed.

Enter new health regulations.    Tom went form about 250 lbs when first driving to over 300 lbs,  in about 2012.  At that point he realized things need to change.  He began to cook again on the truck, walk more, and most importantly eat 3+ meals a day.  By the summer of 2013 he was down to about 275 lbs.  He reconnected with Bob Perry and started working with him again.  Using Bob’s tools and Rolling Strong’s Give Me 10 program he pushed past a weight loss plateau and for the first time in years was 265.

During this time frame Tom noticed there was limited resources for drivers who wanted to cook healthy on the truck. To find recipes and the information on how  to do so.   After several conversations with drivers, health and wellness professionals, and a few media people.  The concept of Road Tested Living was born.  In a short period of time it morphed from just a place for Tom to put the recipes he was creating for drivers.  To become a resource of information, on a wide range of topics.

It was also during this time it was realized that these tips and tools for truckers to help enhance the quality of life they lead on the road.  Could be used by those who travel for business, work in the oilfields, RV’ers, College students, and anyone who wants proven techniques, that gives them the opportunity for a better life.  These techniques, products, recipes, and services have been tested by Tom or his contributors and are their opinions, and reactions to them.

In the case of product reviews there will be 2 types.  Those that Tom or his contributors have purchased on their own and felt the product or service had value to pass along to drivers.  The next group is ones where the product has been provided to Tom and his contributors to test.  In all cases we will do our best to keep an unbiased and objective review, that can be trusted.  However we will be sure to distinguish between the 2 types of reviews to help us maintain our integrity with our readers.

2014 the founding of Road Tested Living has been a wild ride so far. It has quickly morphed beyond Tom’s wildest expectations.  There are several more related projects in the works, that we hope to be sharing with you soon.


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