Watts an Inverter???

An inverter is a device that takes your car or truck current DC and turns it into AC. It allows you to plug a household device into your car or truck. Do you need one??? Maybe not but it can make your life easier.

400 Watt inverter by Cobra
400 Watt inverter by Cobra

While there are a variety of devices designed to work off your car current. Ranging from 12 volt cooking devices to chargers for your phone and other electronic devices an inverter can be very handy. From personal experience a 400 watt inverter which is the largest most cigarette lighters can handle. Will handle most small personal electronic devices including a computer as well as a small crock-pot. Some small TV’s may work on a 400 watt inverter but you need to read the instructions to see how many watts it draws. Continue reading Watts an Inverter???


Are you heading towards Progress or Perfection?

strive-for-progress-not-perfection-300x300Do you seek progress or perfection in your personal wellness journey and daily life? To most people this is a no brainer. We seek progress. Is this really true? Are we content with making progress or is progress never quite good enough, due to some self or society based measuring stick?

If you had asked me several weeks ago which one I focused on I would have told you progress. Well on a few things maybe I was a perfectionist (such as my search for a healthy cream sauce. ) For the most part though as long as I was making progress I was happy. Continue reading Are you heading towards Progress or Perfection?

Cabbage-etti A great recipe for those who want spaghetti, but not the guilt of noodles.

rolling strong logo
A recipe for the Rolling Strong Newsletter

Here is one of my first recipes, it is featured in the April Rolling Strong Newsletter.

This recipe was a result of my wanting a healthier alternative to pasta, that was simple and easy to fix on the truck.  From start to finish I can have this meal prepared and cooked in less than 30 minutes. The Cabbage noodles also work well in almost any other dish where Pasta is an ingredient.

Cabbage-ettie with eggs and fresh Asparagus.
Cabbage-ettie with eggs and fresh Asparagus.

Continue reading Cabbage-etti A great recipe for those who want spaghetti, but not the guilt of noodles.




ImageAs some of you may have heard.  I will be doing a monthly column and recipe for the Rolling Strong Newsletter.  Here is a link to think month’s issue of their newsletter.  I will be posting some pics of the dish as well as reposting the recipe later today or tomorrow.  Unfortunately the original pics didn’t turn our well for the newsletter, and by the time I found out I did not have enough time to cook  it and retake them.  Which I hope to get done later today.  Here is the link!!!     Rolling Strong Newsletter

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This is a work in progress and labor of love.  I work full time driving truck and squeeze everything else in as I can.  Comments suggestions and requests are always welcome.  You can contact me at roadtestedliving@gmail.com



You cook where???


  At the recent Mid-America Truck show in Louisville Ky, I had the opportunity to talk and get to know several drivers. Topics were wide ranging, as one might expect when you get a group of drivers together. Yet two topics that seem to be coming up more and more often is how to eat healthier and how to cook on the truck. Many drivers are cooking whether microwaving dinner, or using some type of grill on the catwalk (the walkway behind the cab of the truck and before the trailer), others have a variety of appliances, such as crock, pots, griddles, and rice cookers.  Continue reading You cook where???

Larger than Santa

Larger than Santa
Me in Christmas of 2011 at my heaviest of 305 pounds. I am the one on the right to be clear. Hey when you are larger than Santa you don’t want people getting confused…

I knew I was gaining weight.  My pant size was increasing slowly but surely. I was starting ti find my 44’s to tight and was moving to 46’s and contemplating 48’s. Yet it did not hit me how heavy I was and how other saw me.  As a rule of thumb I do not like my picture taken, has not for years even when i was skinny. I just don’t like seeing me on film.   Continue reading Larger than Santa

What is Road Tested Living???

Photo Courtesy of Jim Allen 365trucking.com
Photo Courtesy of Jim Allen 365trucking.com

Over the Road Truck Drivers face a variety of challenges in our daily lives. Challenges range from traffic, weather, tight schedules, and a myriad of regulations to name a few.  Yet one of the biggest challenges is the simple fact of living and living well.  Living Well to me is the concept of taking simple surroundings and making the most from them.  Whether it is maximizing storage space, entertainment solutions for small spaces and limited budgets, or health wellness and food.  Simply put it is all that makes life satisfying.

The trick to doing it on the road is doing it in living/work space that is smaller than many jail cells. Add to this many drivers also team up, resulting in 2 adults living in a small confined space for days, if not weeks or months at a time.

This blog will cover all things of the trucking life ranging from cooking on the truck, health and fitness, entertainment, electronics, and various other gadgets.  My goal is that the information you will find here will be helpful to not just commercial drivers, but to anyone who lives and works in small spaces, such as those in RV’s, dorm rooms, small apartments, offices, or any other small work or living environment.

Everything contained here has been test and proven effective for myself and other professional drivers.  If it works for the people you trust to bring you the food and other items you need in your daily life, it should work for you as well.  Welcome to Road Tested Living.

Lessons In Living Well Taken from the Road

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